Sought After Italian Sends Big Message Amid Latest Chelsea Links

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Brighton boss Roberto De Zerbi has opened up on his future amid speculation that CHELSEA FC are keen on a deal.

Mauricio Pochettino has not enjoyed his time at the club since his move back to English football and there has been alot of claims that he could get te sack at the end of the season, and De Zerbi has been linked with a stunning move.

However – amid all the speculation and rumours – De Zerbi has opened up and revealed that he is happy at the Seaguls: ‘I do what makes me happy and right now it is to be where I am.

‘I’m lucky now to be able to compete with these teams at this level to play these games.

‘It makes me happy when we win but also when we lose, I feel something special.’

De Zerbi vowed to return home at some stage in the future but said there were ‘some things’ he ‘didn’t like’ about Italian football when he left Sassuolo to take charge of Shakhtar Donetsk in the summer of 2021.

‘One day I will come back to Italy, I don’t know when this day will come,’ he added.

‘But it’s true that when I made this choice a couple of years ago to go to Shakhtar, I did it because I wanted to find a way outside Italy and, without going into too much detail, there were some things in Italy that I didn’t like so I decided to try something else.’

The Seagulls’ CEO, Paul Barber, is ‘confident’ the club can convince their manager to stay put for the foreseeable future.

‘We don’t want to lose him, he is an outstanding coach, probably one of the best in the world already, and that is going to make him attractive,’ Barber told The Athletic this week.

‘But I think Roberto loves Brighton, he loves the club, the people, the infrastructure that we have.

‘And there is this sense that the work he is doing is good for him as well as for us.

‘But that still means at some point in the future he may choose to take that skill base that he has elsewhere – we understand that.’

Barber added: ‘We are aware of that and I have said for years now, the better we do, the higher profile our people become on and off the field, and ironically the more vulnerable we become to losing them.

‘But we know that and we are not stupid. We understand it, but we are confident in our ability to keep people. The contracts are good, the mechanisms to secure the contracts are good.

‘If people are poached they don’t go quickly, or cheaply in some cases, and we always look to a plan that we have in place for that eventuality.’