Chelsea board Told Why They Should NOT Sack Pochettino End of the Season


Joe Cole retains full faith in Mauricio Pochettino and insists he is the right man to manage CHELSEA.

There has been alot of speculation in the media that Mauricio Pochettino will probably get the sack at the end of the season after failing to impress and get the results that the club had hoped for this season.

Asked about the clubs inconsistencies, TNT Sports pundit Cole told media including Express Sport: “I think it’s understandable. They’re the youngest squad in the league, maybe in Europe out of all the clubs at the top echelons.

“One thing you can’t push is time, wisdom and experience. That has to come once you’re doing the right things, and then the players get better as a group and as individuals. It’s understandable there’s going to be blips in the road.

“For players to improve, it’s not just a great manager – which Pochettino is – and his coaching staff. It’s great having senior players who are bit firmer and a bit more down the road, because you learn from other players

“Good habits, bad habits, you learn from what’s around you. I think the manager’s done a great job in my opinion in bringing the players along. We don’t know who is pulling the strings. If they lose at the weekend, it’s Mauricio fronting up in the press conferences.

“We don’t know what the situation is. What we do know is we’re not where we want to be at the moment. What I would say, processes take longer. Look at what’s happened at Arsenal. You’ve got to believe in what’s going on behind the scenes.

“The club could benefit from a little bit more transparency communications-wise as to what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. That might help because the [Roman] Abramovich era, everybody knew what we were. Communications can improve this summer.”

Cole insists the CHELSEA team have shown that they believe in the project under Pochettino. He continued: “I’m seeing a team that is fighting for the manager. You can see that, in the Manchester United game and in large spells of the Manchester City game against an elite side, champions of Europe still.

“The personality of the man, I think he’s held himself with such dignity throughout all of it. He always looks calm and composed. I see enough glimpses of a team in there. It’s just a very, very difficult club to have taken over at the time he did because of all the change when he came in.

“The history of the club too, he always mentions it in his press conferences. It’s a club used to having success and that’s a really, really tough burden to have on these young players. Mauricio is always highlighting that – it’s true.

“They’re not there yet these players but they can be. There’s a lot of improving for them to do and growing as individuals. I think there’s enough quality there for them to do it but the next few years, we’ll find out.”


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