Sarri told he is playing dangerous Chelsea game with £100m Hazard

Former Liverpool star Dean Saunders has told Maurzio Sarri he is playing a dangerous game with Eden Hazard.

Hazard’s goals have kept us in the hunt for a top four spot, as well as a Carabao Cup trophy after a penalty shoot-out win against Tottenham on Thursday evening.

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But there has been alot of speculation about his future, with reports he is stalling on a new deal amidst Real Madrid speculation, and Sarri recently spoke out on Hazards leadership qualities, sparking worldwide opinion on the Itlalians motives for hitting out at his star man.

Now Saunders thinks the Italian is playing a “dangerous game”, warning him his approach is perhaps a little outdated.

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He told talkSPORT.“Sometimes! I prefer him when he speaks with his feet.

“He is more an individual player than a leader. He is very important of course because he’s a great player.

“He can win the match in two minutes, sometimes one, but at the moment he is not a leader.

“I can see what he’s maybe thinking, he’s trying to get something out of him.

“Years ago, if he had said that to me in private I would have said, ‘well I’ll show you I am’

“It would be an insult but sometimes the insult can gee you on and make you play a bit better. But I think it’s a dangerous game.

“Hazard thinks he is a leader. He thinks he is the best player in the world, that’s why he is so good, he has to think that way to play with so much self-belief.

“You can’t criticise your best players any more, those days have gone, you’ve more or less got to be his friend.”

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Here is what we think.

Hazard is a superstar and there is no one better in the game at what he does, but he doe snot need to be a leader, we already have enough of those at the club.

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Higuain deal will ‘get the best’ out of superstar Chelsea ace Hazard

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