Winger reveals crazy moment after Chelsea move, World class defender makes Chelsea admission, Ziyech message sent by Gronkjaer

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Pulisic reveals crazy moment,  Van Dijk makes Chelsea admission and Ziyech message sent in top icchelseanews.

Virgil van Dijk has explained why he opted to move to Liverpool in 2018 instead of a potential switch to Chelsea

Regarded as one of the finest defenders in the game, and arguably the best centre-back in world football, Van Dijk has helped transform this Liverpool side from top four contenders into Premier League and Champions League challengers.

He has already helped the Liverpool to a Champions League title, picked up a Ballon D’or nomination and helped Liverpool to a massive 22-gap lead over their rivals in the Premier League this season.

However, it could have been so different back in 2018 as we were also interested in a transfer deal, but seemingly baulked at the massive asking price that Southampton placed on the Dutchman’s head.

Now Van Dijk has opened up and revealed just why he decided to make the move to Liverpool rather than the other top four sides: “Before I made the decision to choose Liverpool, I looked at all the aspects of the clubs; the way of playing, the team-mates, the future as well,” he told Liverpool Echo

“The city, the fans, everything has got to be a big part of joining a club.

“I think Liverpool at that time when I made the decision was the right decision and obviously to reach the Champions League final in my first six months was obviously a big bonus and helped me a lot in my development, especially experience-wise.”

Christian Pulisic has revealed he was blanked by several of his new colleagues on the team bus when he joined Chelsea.

Pulisic arrived from Borussia Dortmund just last summer as the man that could replace Eden Hazard, but despite some decent performances, he has not really made the impact that many had hoped, mainly down to his injuries.

He has struggled to adapt to life in the Premier League and in England, but he has now opened up and revealed that his team-mates  didnt make it easy for him when he officially signed from Dortmund last lasts season.

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“It was all pretty crazy what happened,” Pulisic told the 13&MEpodcast

“I had to fly straight from my summer break right after the Gold Cup. I had one week off and I didn’t really get a summer. The team had already started pre-season in Japan so I flew straight there and I had to literally fly by myself and then met the team who had flown from London.

“I had to go straight to the hotel and the next thing on the schedule was to go straight to training. I was tired, nervous and didn’t know what to think but ‘I’m at Chelsea and this is insane’.

“I got on the bus, they had just arrived as well. Everyone is half asleep, I go and sit on the bus and nobody even noticed me. Nobody said anything. There were maybe one or two guys who said ‘hey hello’ and I was like what’s going on here?

“Those first couple of days of training I was nervous. You know how it’s like when you move to a new team. They’re nice guys off the field but to earn that respect you have to show on the field you have that ability, that’s just how it is.”

Jasper Gronkjaer has opened up and claimed that he believes Hakim Ziyech will be an instant success when he arrives at Chelsea.

Ziyech had an amazing season last year for the Dutch Champions and netted and helped Ajax reclaim their Dutch title, while also reaching the Champions League semi-finals, only to lose to a Tottenham side that was in form.

There are some out there that believe that Ziyech will have trouble adjusting to the Premier League, but former star Gronkjaer believes that Ziyech will hit the ground running when he arrives.

He told GOAL: ‘Ziyech was the one who has caught my eye over the past two seasons even though he wasn’t produced by Ajax’s academy.

‘You need players like that. I think all the top clubs will have looked at Ziyech and asked the question if he is good enough for our team.

‘He is a fantastic player but I think for Chelsea he will be in the starting XI straight away. ‘Almost all the clubs in the Premier League could afford someone like Ziyech. Newcastle will be right up there competing in the market again. It is a good signing and he will start a lot.

‘Also, we still have yet to see the true potential of Christian Pulisic as well because he is going to be a great player as well. So those are things to look forward to at Chelsea.

‘Adapting to the Premier League is more of a mental challenge than anything else.

‘When you play for Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV then you are in teams that dominate possession, create chances and score lots of goals all the time.

‘There’s a lot more space too. Now, in the Premier League, the learning curve isn’t there and you have to produce from day one.

‘It is more physical and faster but now compared to my day, it is more technical. You have lots of skilful players and every team have great technicians which makes it easier.’

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