Boss CONFIRMS ‘they are planning for summer exit’ – Chelsea free to make move

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David Moyes admits West Ham are planning for life after CHELSEA linked Declan Rice

Over the past few seasons – Declan Rice has developed into one of the best midfielders in the Premier League and a man that could go on to become one of the best in the world.

But so far the Hammers have not allowed him to leave – despite all the speculation and all the rumours that he is ready to depart – as they are hoping that he snubs a move to Arsenal or CHELSEA

But their manager Moyes, who has often remained quiet on the matter, has now admitted that the club are preparing for his departure though he is naturally very keen to hold on to his star player.

Moyes was asked in his pre-match press conference ahead of Wednesday night’s clash against Liverpool whether next season’s planning included a with and without Rice scenario, with the 60-year-old replying: ‘Yeah, obviously he is such an important player.

‘He would be missed by any club, so any club who didn’t have him would miss him and we certainly would, partly because he is a big part.

‘But my hope somewhere is that Dec thinks this is the best place for him to be and if somebody doesn’t come up with the right amount of money, it will continue to be the place he is as well.

‘The club have made that pretty plain, but I hope we can continue to get the best out of Dec.’


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