Chelsea fans told of possible Stamford Bridge return will happen!

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CHELSEA hero Pat Nevin insists there is “not a chance in a million” Jose Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho spent two-and-a-half years in charge of the Giallorossi and won the Europa Conference League in his first season while making it to the Europa League Final last term.

But the ex-Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham boss struggled in Serie A, finishing sixth twice in his two full seasons in charge.

Roma are now ninth in the table after winning only one of their last six league matches, of which they lost three.

But there has been some shock rumours in the media linking Mourinho with a move back to Stamford Bridge – but Nevin has opened up and had his say on that possible outcome for the Blues.

Nevin told OCB Scores:

‘In terms of the plan laid out by the owners, there’s not a chance in a million Mourinho comes back. If you look at the plan of the club, that’s not Jose Mourinho. It’s not his style. He does other things which are fantastic but the last time he built up a young group like that was Porto. That’s not his methodology.

‘If the club did go down that route I would be surprised but I wouldn’t be gobsmacked because there are things that the club have done which doesn’t fit. I don’t think it would make sense at all for Mourinho to come back as CHELSEA manager but does that mean it won’t happen? Who knows!

‘If it was me, it wouldn’t be Jose Mourinho I would be looking at as manager. [Mauricio] Pochettino is great, me saying that might hurt some Chelsea fans. At the end of last season when Chelsea were looking for a manager, Ange Postecoglou was the man I wanted because of what he had done in Scotland.

‘Those types of managers are difficult to find because you need a manager that’s positive and can get the best out of young players.’