World class star should be at Chelsea – Boehly has been told

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There has been alot of speculation that CHELSEA have told Edouard Mendy that he is free to leave the club – but reporter Iomie Stanley has claimed that the Blues should keep hold of the stopper.

He says: ‘Edouard Mendy has been a key player for Chelsea ever since he joined the club in the summer of 2020. The Senegalese goalkeeper has been instrumental in the club’s success, playing a crucial role in their Champions League triumph and finishing fourth in the Premier League.

However, there have been rumors that Chelsea may consider selling Mendy in the summer transfer window, which would be a grave mistake for several reasons.

First, Mendy has formed a strong bond with the Chelsea defense. The goalkeeper is the last line of defense, and his role is crucial in organizing and communicating with the backline. Mendy has been exceptional in this regard, and his confidence and composure have helped the defenders in front of him to perform better.

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Selling him would mean disrupting this crucial partnership, which would be a significant setback for Chelsea.

Secondly, Mendy’s potential replacement would cost a considerable amount of money. Goalkeepers are often the most expensive players in the transfer market, and finding a suitable replacement for Mendy would not be easy or cheap. It would be a risky move for Chelsea to let go of a proven goalkeeper and spend a significant amount of money on an untested option.

Lastly, Mendy’s performances have not gone unnoticed by other clubs, and it is likely that there will be interest in him if Chelsea decides to sell. Losing him to a rival club would be a massive blow to Chelsea, both in terms of the quality of their squad and the message it would send to their rivals.

In conclusion, Chelsea should not sell Edouard Mendy. The Senegalese goalkeeper has been a vital player for the club over the past few seasons, playing a crucial role in their success.

He has formed a strong bond with the defense, and his potential replacement would be costly. Furthermore, selling him would send the wrong message to their rivals and could potentially weaken their squad.

Therefore, CHELSEA should do everything in their power to keep Mendy at the club and build upon their success with him in the team.’

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