German boss announces he backs Governments sanction of Chelsea owner Abramovic

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has opened up and told the media that he fully backs the Governments decision to sanction Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic

The news for Chelsea fans over the past few days has all been about the fact that Abramovic has had all of his assets frozen in the Uk, meaning that Chelsea cannot sell shirts, cannot sell anymore tickets, cannot open contract talks with players and cant do any transfer business

Abramovich put the west London club up for sale last week, and may still be able to sell as long as he doesn’t benefit financially, but reacting to the situation at Stamford Bridge, Liverpool boss Klopp said: ‘Thomas [Tuchel] and I know each other but we are not that close that we chat around the games yes but not in other moments.

‘For him and the players and all the employees at Chelsea it’s not something they are responsible for what is happening around them.

‘One man is really responsible and that’s Vladimir Putin.

‘I don’t know about Roman Abramovich’s role in these kinds of things but over the years you could guess maybe he is pretty close.

‘I think what the British government did was right to be 100 per cent honest but it is still not cool for all the people at Chelsea and the supporters, I get that but I think the things the government did was right.’

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Until Abramovic is allowed to sell Chelsea and until Valdimir Putin is stopped, it will continue to be bad headlines for many associated with Chelsea as it seems that even their sponsors are pulling out of deals

But at the end of the day, did the government have any other choice?


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