Boss Lamps opens up and admits he has no concerns about new world class Chelsea signing

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Frank Lampard insists he has no concerns over Thiago Silva’s ability to adapt at Chelsea after his summer move.

Thiago Silva is regarded as one of the finest defensive leaders over the past 10 ten years and is expected to add a bit of quality, and leadership to a  back-line that has been shipping goals for fun.

And Lampard insists he has no concerns over Thiago Silva’s ability to adapt, Lampard told NBC Sports: ‘I think Thiago Silva is the one player we’ve bought in at the end of his career,’

‘But I had no worries about bringing him in because when I watched him in the Champions League run to the final he looked fit and lean and every bit the player that I know Thiago Silva to be.

‘So he also will then bring us the experience of playing in winning teams and what it takes to win.

‘I hope he can lead from the back in terms of how he holds himself and communicates with others around him because we have younger players in and around him.

‘And hopefully that will address some of the defensive problems that I’ve mentioned.

Asked if he already has a preferred defensive line-up in mind, Lampard replied: ‘I do have that in my mind at the moment but as we saw last year it changed a lot.

‘And some of that you don’t always want, you want a consistency in who you pick but you also have to have competition at the same time.

‘The challenge for the players at the back is can you show with your training and the way you play that you deserve to be there and a consistent performance that means I don’t change it. ‘And then the challenge goes to the players who want to get into the team. And that’s how you generate an uplift in levels among the squad.

‘You bring in players who hopefully bring the general level up as opposed to anyone who may take it as a negative and think,

‘that’s me done’. No, everyone has to rise and try to fight for their place in the team.’

He is a great signing, that is all we have to say

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