Excited striker announces reveals reason signed with Chelsea

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Marc Guia has opened up and revealed why he made the decision to wait and sign for Chelsea after his move was officially announced this week.

Guia is a player that the club have been chasing for the last few months and after rejecting a new contract offer from Barcelona – the decision was made the make the move to the Premier League and sign with the Blues on a five-year deal.

And after sealing his move to London – the striker has opened up and revealed the reason why he waited to sign with Chelsea rather than stay with Barcelona or join another club, he said: ‘My main reason for wanting to sign for  CHELSEA was the football and sporting project the club is offering me here, and the trust everyone who works at the club is putting in me.

‘The club has a very interesting plan with a lot of young and exciting players and I think we can do great things.’

He added: ‘I think it’s a very talented squad, full of top players who are very young, have a lot of quality and have a lot to offer.’

When asked if he had spoken to Maresca since joining the Blues, Guiu said: ‘Yes, I had the opportunity to talk to him, and I am very grateful and I appreciate him taking time to have a chat with me.

‘I think he is a top manager and he did a fantastic job at Leicester, getting the team promoted to the Premier League.

‘I think we will play great football under him and we can win a lot of trophies.’


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