Frank Lampard opens up and admits Timo Werner helped get this Chelsea deal wrapped up

Get the Chelsea word out there!

Frank Lampard has revealed signing Timo Werner helped him in his bid to sign the high-coveted Kai Havertz from Bayer Leverkusen.

We managed to secure a transfer deal for Werner before the end of the season last year and beat off the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City, who were also in the chase to try and get a deal done.

But after months of speculation, we also managed to secure the transfer deal for Havertz, who is easily one of the most gifted players in world football right now, and now Lampard has opened up and revealed that the signing of Werner helped him in his bid to sign the high-coveted Kai Havertz for a club record fee of £71 million: “I was able to have some conversations with Kai after the buying process happened, or whatever you want to call it,” Lampard told reporters on a Zoom video link.

“I did as much watching of him as a player as I could, and by that time Timo had arrived at the club, and Timo and Kai are pretty close so I could obviously ask Timo a lot about him, them playing in the national team together. So we had very good background on him.

“But again I was very struck in those conversations with him about his humility, and how he is as a person which I love. I love the humility in players who come with the idea they just want to improve and become a success. And I know he has great talent. I’ve seen that in the first week that he’s been here.

“I think it’s important to be clear that before the Brighton game Kai Havertz had trained for four or five days and two or three of those were a build-up to a game so you can’t work that hard.

“Fitness levels for Kai were difficult. They are only going to get better and get better quickly. I’ve seen lots of his talent and have no doubt the impact he will have as a Chelsea player.”

Both signings are great…

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