Chelsea told £500k-a-week star will get UCL move


Gary Neville reckons that Chelsea target Cristiano Ronaldo will sign for a Champions League club following his Manchester United exit.

There has been alot said about the future of Ronaldo over the past few weeks and whether or not he will be a player that rocks up at Chelsea in the January window.

It is no secret that Ted Boehly would like to get a deal done and it is no secret that he would be interested in a move – as he wants to add a statement signing to the squad.

Ronaldo wants Champions League football that he wants but his options are limited to just 16 teams – though only a handful of them will be interested in signing him according to Neville

‘I think Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be looking for a top club on a four-month or five-month contract where he can go in and do a brilliant cameo role at the very elite of European football,’ the former United captain told Sky Sports.

‘That’s what I think his priority would be – to stay in the Champions League, to stay at the very top and prove that what happened at Manchester United wasn’t right.

‘I think he’s got four or five great months in him somewhere where he’ll go in and score 15 or 20 goals in that period.

“Everybody in Manchester will say, “why didn’t we keep him?”, and people in the Premier League will as well.

‘But he’s got that in him and I would say that would be his priority. I think he’ll get to the end of the season and then think about the next two years and what his last football project might look like.

‘Is it in the US? Is it in the Middle East? Is it somewhere else in Europe where he’s not played before?

‘I hope he does really well wherever he goes. I didn’t work out in Manchester in the end, but it was the right thing for the club to do in breaking ties and it was the right thing for Cristiano to do.’#

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