Blues icon tells Lampard he needs to sign a Terry-type player for Chelsea!

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Glenn Hoddle has urged Chelsea to find a John Terry-like figure to sort out the club’s defensive problems.

It is no secret that we have a great attack that has the ability to score on a regular basis, and with the arrivals of Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner, that attack will only improve next season.

However, there are some questions at the back, and Hoddle has urged Frank Lampard to delve into that transfer kitty and find a John Terry-like figure to sort out the club’s defensive problems.

He told Premier League Daily: ‘Chelsea look better when the team are going to come onto them and they know they’re going to be out-possessioned – be it Liverpool, Manchester City and they look nice and tight and compact and everyone knows their job.

‘But when they try and open teams out they end up losing. Ten games is too many and it’s not against the top teams all the time. They do lack concentration with their defending.’

‘They’ve got a lot of work to do in qualifying for the Champions League and they’ve got the FA Cup to deal with as well… Frank will want to go all the way and win that,’

‘So he’s got the squad to deal with it but, for me, it’s quite a simple one: if you can’t score and you can’t create you’re worried as a manager. But he’s got loads of them at the moment. I bet he doesn’t know what his best team is and next season he’s going to have even more!

‘He’s got to look at, “How do we get a John Terry? – which isn’t easy – or an experienced player in there who needs to defend properly but also organise people.

‘They need to be organised when they’re on the attack with the ball.

‘Someone needs to be pulling people around and they’ll cut half the goals their conceding with a player like that but they’re not easy to come by either.’

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