Wtf? Sarri ‘has been advised’ to sell £100 million Chelsea superstar Kante

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Written by Jamie

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has been advised to sell N’Golo Kante if he is going to play him out of position.

Kante is arguably the best holding midfielder in world football and has helped us to a number of titles over the past few seasons with his world class ability to protect the back-line, and be everywhere on the pitch at the same time.

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But since the arrival of midfielder Jorginho, Sarri has decided that Kante would be better suited in a more attacking, wider role at Chelsea, leaving the former Napoli star to be the man that protects the back-line.

His decisions have divided many in the media over the past few weeks, and despite the fact Kante recently signed a £300,000-a-week deal to stay at the club, Le Tissier has told Sarri to sell Kante as he is being wasted in his current position.

“I feel sorry for him, I really do,” Matt Le Tissier said on Sky Sports.

“He’s one of the best in the world in that position. Unfortunately, this coach doesn’t want to play in a way that suits him.

“He’s playing him a little bit out of position and you feel for players when they’re being asked to play in a unnatural position.

“They’re not going to be as good as playing in their natural position.I have a lot of sympathy for him and if this is the way the coach wants to play, he actually might as well sell N’Golo Kante.”

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Does Sarri need to play Kante back in the middle?

Kante is the perfect man to protect that back-line and needs to be placed back in the middle, there is no reason he and Jorginho cannot play next to each other, so hopefully he will make the right decision and put Kante where he belongs, right in front on that dodgy back-line.


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