Brazilian icon opens up and reveals Chelsea favourites to complete world class deal

philippe coutinho, chelsea

Rivaldo has opened up and confirmed that Chelsea are favourites to sign Philippe Coutinho this summer.

Bayern have decided not to keep him after his loan spell, Barcelona are seemingly set of letting him leave in order to raise some transfer funds, and reports have suggested that we are the club that are keen on him most.

Willian is leaving during the summer window after failing to agree a new contract with the club and Frank Lampard knows that he needs to bring in an adequate replacement for the Brazilian star.

And although Rivaldo has confirmed that weare leading the chase for Cotuinho, he has also admitted that he should take a pay-cut if it will save his career at Barcelona.

Rivaldo, 48, wrote on Betfair: “Chelsea are the favourites to sign Coutinho and I don’t believe they will be put off by his recent injury.

“After all, next season is still very distant and he will have enough time to a completely recover.

“On the other hand, if the transfer doesn’t go forward and he stays at Barcelona perhaps a salary reduction, based on the player’s decision, could earn plaudits from the board and maybe show that he is eager to remain at the club and finally prove his worth.

“Yes, there are many clubs already reducing their players’ salaries because of coronavirus crisis, but if the player takes a step forward in that themselves it would be seen as the attitude of someone interested in remaining at the club.”

Look, Coutinho is a world class player that we would love to see arrive here. So if he is leaving Barca, then yes we would more than welcome him here to the Bridge.

But only for the right money, as he would be a waste if we paid anything more than £70 million this summer window.

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