Chelsea Respond To Reports They Have Met With Boss Over Summer Move To London

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CHELSEA have responded to the reports that they have held talks with Sporting Lisbon boss Ruben Amorim.

Amorim is one of the most in-demand young managers in Europe right now and is a boss that the likes of West Ham, Chelsea and Liverpool, have all been linked with over the past few weeks.

Last week there were some reports that revealed Amorim had already flown to London to have talks with a number of clubs about a possible move to the Premier League, with Chelsea one of those sides.

The club have moved quickly to deny the rumour, with The Telegraph’s Matt Law reporting that the west Londoners are ‘absolutely adamant’ they did not pay for Amorim’s flight to London.

Moreover, they did not hold any meetings or talks with the 39-year-old during his stay, with a decision over Pochettino’s future – and any potential managerial search – only happening once the season is over

Amorim has admitted it was a “mistake” to make the flight to Englan last month – Amorim told reporters: “The first thing to say is that the club knew about my trip, that’s the first thing, because it’s important and changes the context. The second thing to talk about is this ‘veil of secrecy’ around the trip. I ‘secretly’ parked my car outside, ‘secretly’ walked past 15 people, spoke with the people, took photos with people and got on a plane.

‘It’s important to take away this idea that it was all done behind the club’s back, that didn’t happen.

“And now the most important point, that obviously it was a mistake. The trip, the timing was completely wrong. I didn’t think so at the time but it was wrong, especially when I’m so demanding of my players, and I’m always the first to say that the problems of individuals can’t take over the team, and I’ve taken players out of the team for much less.

‘It was my fault, I have to accept that and live with it. I didn’t think it was so bad at the time but thinking back on it it’s very clear. I’ve explained this with the players, the staff, but most important now is to carry on. I’m using the conference here to say sorry to the Sporting fans, the staff and above all to say sorry publicly to the players for the mistake that I made.”


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