Frank Lampard opens up and announces we want to close the gap on Chelsea rivals

chelsea, lampard

Frank Lampard admits the pressure on him to deliver has been cranked up by Chelsea’s spending spree – but says he has to close that gap to Liverpool.

Lampard has had the full backing from Roman Abramovic, who has handed him the money to acquire the services of Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner, who are two of the best players in Europe right now.

And Lampard has opened up and revealed that he needed to get transfer deals done in order to help close the gap on Liverpool, Lampard said on TalkSport: “This is Chelsea Football Club and we want to close the gap – and signing Timo and Ziyech both are nice statements.

“We do know there is a big gap going upwards, when you look at the performance of Liverpool and City in the last couple of years.

“So we need to really try to work to close that gap and we have to be ready to give the players that come in, the two players you’re talking about, some time for adaptions to the league.

“There are other areas we may want to improve on as we go along.

“They have to be players who are in the market and we feel that we can get and confident and comfortable in getting them in the right places, to fill the right holes to improve us.”

At the end of the day, these two are big statement signings and we are looking forward to seeing whom else arrives at the club.