Signings wanted! Frank Lampard opens up and sends Chelsea message to board

chelsea, lampard

Frank Lampard upped the ante in Chelsea’s pursuit of new signings, delivering a pointed message to the board in his post-match interview at Hull.

Lampard has been able to sign new players all transfer window and has been linked with some big time players, that will come in and help send a real statement to the rest of the Premier League, and possibly, Europe.

However, despite all the transfer speculation, we have so far been unable to celebrate any new signings, with the board playing silly buggers with possible transfers in the last few weeks.

But after seeing his side get past Hull in the FA Cup over the weekend, Lampard has once again upped the ante about signings, telling the BBC: “I don’t want to get caught up in the actual money’s of it [transfers]. That’s not my job.

“But what I have to do is be honest and truthful when I speak for myself, for the club and for the manager of the club.

“People look at me, they’re gonna say ‘Well, what are you doing with those players on the pitch? How are you coaching and training them?’

“Great, I accept that whether it’s criticism or whether it’s praise.

“But also, where are we going with the club and recruitment?

“When we’ve missed a window it’s very important for us and in the short term if feels very important now.

“So that’s something we’re working on and we have to get it right.”

Look, this side are going places and will challenge for major titles once again in the future, but as much as we believe in the players and the manager, there are a few areas of the pitch that I would like to see get improved over the next few days.

So back the Frank and get players signed up PLEASE!


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